Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Will It Go Round In Circles?

By Frank Petrie Would you like a simpler, faster, more intuitive method to find out which apps you can use to open a specific file? It’s rare in my years of reviewing that I have come across a piece of software where the developer didn’t attempt to differentiate their app from the crowd by incorporating a gimmick, instead of actually thinking ‘outside-of-the-box’ and creating a more innovative, unique, and improved approach to accomplish a routine task. As an example, how often have you found a…

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Enhancing & Restoring Photos

  Good photos can be shared in creative ways.  Mediocre and even bad photos can be enhanced.  Come and learn about the editing and project creation tools in the app — Photos.  Then see how old photos can be recovered before it’s too late. March 19, 2016 Saturday 9:00 – 11:30  Photos.   Bring photos to enhance or fix and use the built-in adjustment tools to make them look better.   This is a hands-on session so bring your laptop, iPad or iPhone. 12:00 – 2:30  Enhance…

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The Frank Review: A Health App That Could Help You and Others

By Frank Petrie Over the past several years, a sizable number of members in the medical community have come to the realization that anxiety and depression are not merely negative emotions but actual diseases which need to be properly treated. As Apple has seriously become involved in the health field with the introduction of the Watch, it was but a matter of time before developers created apps that could help those who find themselves struggling with anxiety and depression. A number of medical professionals have…

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Aaron Loo on stage at the HI Touch Learning Meetup

Aaron Loo will be a featured guest at the February HI Touch Learning Central Meetup. Aaron, also known as Loo Ow, is an accomplished musician, singer, teacher, videographer, composer and actor.  He will share his techno journey of being a one man band where he discovers that creating simply with technology is complicated. Here is a sample of the project he will demonstrate. The meetup will be Saturday, February 6 at the Nuuanu Baptist Church. Information and signup at: http://www.hmaus.org/event/hi-touch-meetup/

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Old Mac, New Parts?

Rolf Nordahl, owner of MacMouse Club and long-time HMAUS supporter, will discuss what to consider when you upgrade your aging Mac, or when you decide to put it to rest and get a new one. Rolf will also answer questions about all the various plugs, connectors and gadgets you may have and are afraid to throw away even though you can’t remember what they were for. Saturday, February 20 9:00 AM -11:00 AM Nu’uanu Baptist Church 2010 Nu’uanu Avenue We will meet in the Big Room…

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