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Freshly Squeezed Reviews: You Seem to Have an Assistive Touch, Yeah

By Frank Petrie Recently Apple acquired Workflows, added some features, cleaned it up, and Voilà! – Siri Shortcuts. But I stumbled across a few articles that showed me an additional plethora of shortcuts that can be had in iOS using an additional method. That’s AssistiveTouch, which perfectly dovetails with Siri Shortcuts. As you command Siri Shortcuts via your voice, you order AssistiveTouch to do your bidding with your fingers. It’s just that simple and I’ve found that it can perform several actions that I have…

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Freshly Squeezed Reviews: In Defense Of Apple Maps

By Frank Petrie The big troika of smartphone navigation apps are Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps. I believe that recently Apple has brought its maps app up to parity and then some. On November 28, 2007, Google Maps for Mobile 2.0 was released. On September 23, 2008, coinciding with the release of the first Android device. Google then broadened its market with an Android version. And not to be left out in the cold, Apple inevitably adopted a version of Google Maps. With the…

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Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Video Duke Shows Promise

By Frank PetrieOptical discs, remember them? Now they seem almost as antiquated as 8-tracks. (Google if you don’t know what they were. I believe that The Flintstones used to use them. Google them, too.) Streaming video is king. Other than subscription services and sites such as You Tube, Vimeo, social media has most likely become part of your daily  life. Now suppose there’s a specific video that you want to watch. Of course, you can access these sites via WiFi on your desktop. But supposed…

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Free or Inexpensive Macintosh Software

Treat yourself to free or almost free software for your Macintosh in the New Year! Attorney Randy Singer updated his list of very useful applications that could help you with your technology tasks. He includes a short description of each title and links to their home pages. He lists 44 applications. See his list at: Randy Singer co-authored The Macintosh Bible (4th, 5th, and 6th editions) and is the head of the Mac Attorney User Group.

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Look before you leap sign

Look Before You Leap

Attorney Randy Singer has a new web page that many Macintosh users will find helpful. It is designed to answer several questions that come up all the time, including whether to upgrade to the latest version of the Mac OS when it first comes out, what does it matter if one doesn’t upgrade, etc. and it gives tips on doing such an upgrade, including info on backing up and doing a clean install. The page is free and totally non-commercial: Upgrading to the Very Latest…

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Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Video To Go

By Frank Petrie How many times have you been held hostage by a family member, friend, or neighbor and forced to watch seemingly endless home videos of their kids, a recent family trip, sporting event, or what have you. Well, now there’s a book to prevent you from becoming one of the hostage takers. You can make videos that people actually enjoy watching! It’s written by videographer and reviewer Wally Cherwinski, “Video To Go’. These days, making good video isn’t about having the best and…

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