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Passion Finds a Way – Local Talk 2016.02.06

HMAUS members met on Saturday, February 6 for the first HI Touch Meetup of the new year. Special guests included Aaron Loo, accomplished musician, singer and composer; and Ricky Li, photographer and social media manager at AdStreamz, Inc. HMAUS’ Doctor Kokua also held a tech support session. Aaron Loo gave the audience a very special preview of Angels with Tails, a musical he is creating that will have special meaning for dog owners, especially service dogs. Aaron performed one of the numbers he wrote as…

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Aaron Loo on stage at the HI Touch Learning Meetup

Aaron Loo will be a featured guest at the February HI Touch Learning Central Meetup. Aaron, also known as Loo Ow, is an accomplished musician, singer, teacher, videographer, composer and actor.  He will share his techno journey of being a one man band where he discovers that creating simply with technology is complicated. Here is a sample of the project he will demonstrate. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /] The meetup will be Saturday, February 6 at the Nuuanu Baptist Church. Information and signup…

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Doug Frick, Life Member.

Happy Birthday HMAUS-L – Local Talk 2015.12.27

Article by Doug Frick Twenty years ago today, the HMAUS-L mailing list began operation! We had an active HMAUS Telecomm SIG, and the focus was gradually moving from BBSs/AOL/Compuserve to the Internet. I was looking for a good place to post HMAUS announcements on-line. The original idea was to post on the news:hawaii.announce newsgroup and eventually create a news:hawaii.hmaus newsgroup, but by then the news:hawaii.* newsgroups were overflowing with spam and off-topic flame wars. Although a bit more work to manage, a mailing list would…

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Trading Post logo

Trading Post Returns – Local Talk 2015.12.24

  What to do when the season brings you more toys than you have room for? Pass them on to someone else who could put them to good use! We’ve resurrected the Trading Post on the HMAUS Signal web site thanks to a request from member Donna Miller. She’s hoping to replace a laptop for one of her sons. HMAUS has had a buy-sell-trade forum from time to time, but after the last web site rebuild it was set aside, mostly due to disinterest. Seems,…

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Ghostnote Logo

Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Stick It With Ghostnote

By Frank Petrie, I remember placing Post-It Notes® on my computer with passwords, todo lists and such, until my computer resembled a botched attempt by Jackson Pollack to dabble in papier-mâché. Back in the day, it was not uncommon for dozens upon dozens of brightly colored reminders to festoon ones electronic landscape, invariably resulting in countless hours frantically sifting through the nasty little things, trying to find the precise one with the vital piece of information (usually a password) that you absolutely needed at…

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Festive Celebrations DVD large image

Festive Made Easy – Local Talk 2015.11.29

  Are you looking for holiday ideas? The Festive Celebrations DVD can help! Thanks to AppleUsers.Org of Australia HMAUS is an authorized distributor of their awesome collection of holiday focused clip art, images, fonts, greeting cards, coloring books and more. We’re offering it to HMAUS members for only $5… just enough to cover the cost of the media, packaging and postage… a great deal for more than 4 gigabytes of stuff. Use the DVD to create your own flyers, postcards, web pages, holiday newsletters or…

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