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Local Talk 2015.11.18 – Celebrating Earth’s Greatest Treasure

Have you ever thought about the people you meet in life? Those you meet from time to time at any of our HMAUS meetings, for example? This was the question posed by Terrence Young at a recent idea session. He expressed how being a member of HMAUS rewarded him with the opportunity to get to know and learn about so many interesting people—his fellow HMAUS members. Thus was born KnowMemberfest, which will be held this Saturday, from 9:00 to 1:00 at Dave & Busters at…

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Local Talk 2015.10.19 – Let’s Have a Print Party

Holidays and greeting cards go together so we thought a Print Party would be just the right thing to do for our October Imagemakers Workshop. We could learn about the latest in printing technology, inks and paper. We could also revisit the basics in image preparation for print delivery. In addition to all this “learning” we will be “doing” — actually making greeting cards that we could share and send to our friends and family! HMAUS member Michelle Manna will also bring a few of…

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Apple User Group Bulletin 16 October 2015

This month’s Featured Vendor column brings a look at TidBITS Publishing, Take Control Books and some of our other recent Featured Vendors. In addition, ASW has offerings that keep you current on the latest and greatest Apple products, including an October 13th ready-to-go presentation on the newest iMac and a “Then and Now” comparison for how the iMac has changed over multiple iterations (L519829A-en_US and L519831A-en_US), an October 13th First Look covering Apple’s new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2 (L543101A-en_US), and…

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Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Take Me to the Pilot of Your TV

by Frank Petrie I used to say that ‘if I’m not creating, I’m not breathing.’ Over the years, however, my time spent creating content has shifted to time consuming content. Between cable, streaming and the odd BluRay or DVD disc, it sometimes becomes hard to keep track of which of my favorite program’s episodes I have or haven’t watched and from which season. Plus there are so many new programs being introduced constantly, it’s extremely time consuming to keep up with what’s out there. Some…

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Catherine Toth Fox, Bruce Fisher and Russ Sumida at Springfest 2015.

A Day of Learning and Sharing at Springfest 2015

By Eugene Villaluz Jerome Koehler opened Springfest with a short video from Chris Breen announcing to the world his new job. Coming from the other side of the virtual divide, Chris said farewell to the “rest of us” and explained that as an Apple, Inc. employee, the cone of silence has now cloaked him for the time being. By the sound of it we suspect he was trying to say “I’ll be baaack.” Jerome went on to introduce the new Apple Watch, which he actually…

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Springfest 2015

Registration Opens for Springfest 2015

Annual Technology Fair Open Talk Panel • Apple News • Demonstrations Springfest 2015 on Saturday, May 9th will include an Open Talk panel discussion exploring how successful communicators build their brands using modern technology. Delivering the Message Three of Honolulu’s dynamic and prolific communicators will share their thoughts and ideas on how technology has enabled them to deliver their messages globally. Guest panelists will be Russ Sumida, CEO of AdStreamz, Inc.; Catherine Toth Fox, The Cat Dish; and Bruce Fisher, Hawaii Aloha Travel. The panelists…

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