July 7, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Nuuanu Baptist Church - Pre-School
2010 Nuuanu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96817
HI Touch Learning Centers

Chimp with old camera image

Our July workshop will be about photo sharing. Please bring with you a few photographs you have recently created to share. The purpose of this project is to help us learn to appreciate the visual messages that photographic images bring to our lives.

We all have photos of memorable meals, photos of our loved ones, photos of places we visited, and photos of things that interest us. Please share them this Saturday at the HI Touch Imagemakers Workshop.

Our guest expert, professional photographer Terry Takaki, will be available to help us improve our photographs. He will answer our visual and technical questions.

Please bring your images on a flash drive, memory card or portable drive. An easier way would be to upload them in advance. Here is the link:

Last month we explored video capture with Ricky Li to create material for the HMAUS 40th Anniversary Cookbook. Some of the things we learned: What kinds of cameras, lighting, sound equipment and techniques to use for good videos.

HMAUS’ very own barista, Terrence Young, brewed and served freshly ground coffee for us. The South American coffee beans came from Corsa Lusso The Enthusiast Coffee.

Pauline Arakaki demonstrated how to make delicious smoothies for good brain health. She brought a blender and all the fresh ingredients for us to enjoy.

This Saturday we will be editing the video we captured last month to start production for our 40th Anniversary movie. It will definitely be “learn as we go.”

We will also continue creating layouts for our “traditional” cookbook as well as entering additional recipes. But we’ll take it further by using our HMAUS web site to collect the recipes in a database.

Please feel free to bring your recipes and if you can, please bring a prepared item so that we may sample some of your favorite dishes.

If you have any questions for this workshop, please feel free to contact us: http://hmaus.org/contact-us/