New Member Guide

Hello from the Hawaii Macintosh & Apple Users’ Society, Inc.!

Here is information to help you get started with HMAUS.

The HMAUS web sites two purposes:

  • It is a collection of news and information about our organization’s events and workshops. We also publish technology related articles from other sources.
  • It is also a portal to many resources and tools to your membership benefits.

This is the primary link to our public web site home page:


How We Communicate with You

Your email address has been entered into our membership database. This allows us to send you announcements and other information about HMAUS activities and events.

We also send your membership renewal reminders to the email address you have provided.

Please make sure you notify us whenever your email address has changed.

Your Access to Membership Resources

We have also created a user account on our Members Network web site for you. When you login to the web site you will find additional “members only” resources and information.

We sent you your username and login password when you  joined HMAUS. We recommend that you change this password after you have logged into the Dashboard. The change password function is in your Profile.

This is the login link to the HMAUS Members Network web site Dashboard:



Visit the Dashboard after login to view links and resource. The link to the Dashboard is at the far left side of the top menu bar. The HMAUS Signal link opens a drop-down window.

HMAUS.ORG go Dashboard

Below is the Dashboard as it appears for most users.

HMAUS.ORG contributor Dashboard

Access to Your Profile

You may update your user account in your Profile. This is the area to change your password.

Profile access location image.
The drop down menu to access your profile is in the upper right hand corner (after you have logged in).
Edit My Profile image
Select the Edit My Profile to change your profile information.

HMAUS is Also on Twitter and Facebook

You will also find HMAUS on Twitter. Web posts and other announcements are posted on Twitter. To get the latest news subscribe to @hmaus:


If you have a Facebook account be sure to “friend” HMAUS and share your thoughts and questions with the rest of the community. The address for our group page is:


How You Can Help

The Hawaii Macintosh & Apple Users’ Society, Inc. (HMAUS) is an organization of volunteers who like to learn and share information about computer technology. In particular, Apple, Macintosh and iOS systems. We depend on people like you to support our society and take an active part in its programs, events and management. We are appreciative of any help you feel you can provide to our organization and fellow members.

If you have any questions please contact us at: