Hawaii Macintosh & Apple Users’ Society, Inc.


Article I Administration
Article II Membership
Article III Communications
Article IV Management

Sunday, January 15, 2016

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Article I. Administration

A. Minutes of the Organization

1. Appointment of Recording Assistants

a) The secretary may appoint one or more assistants to record the minutes of the meetings.

b) The appointee shall be a member in good standing but is not required to be a director or an officer.

2. Duties of Recording Assistants

a) The appointee shall record the minutes of the meeting in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and practices adopted by the organization.

b) The appointee shall return a draft of the minutes to the secretary within two weeks of each meeting.

B. Fiscal

1. Disbursements

Payments made by bank check for amounts $250 or less shall only require one authorized signature. Checks for amounts above $250 shall continue to require two authorized signatures.

Article II. Membership

A. New Enrollment

1. A completed application on an HMAUS membership form must be submitted to the Membership Chairman.

2. Payment for the full amount of membership must accompany this application.

3. Membership is subject to challenge at the next meeting of the Board of Directors. If a membership is refused, the applicant is entitled to a refund.

4. Membership starts upon receipt of the membership application and dues.

5. Membership is for a period of twelve consecutive months. The month following the receipt of the membership application is counted as the first month of membership.

B. Renewal

1. Membership ends on the last day of the twelfth month of membership.

2. Members are sent renewal notices by the Membership Chairman.

3. A completed membership renewal form must be submitted to the Membership Chairman.

4. Payment for the full amount of membership must accompany this renewal form.

5. Memberships will expire after a 30 day grace period if the renewal form and dues is not submitted.

C. The Bonus Period and the Grace Period

1. The Bonus Period is defined as the period between receipt of the new member application and the first month of membership as defined in Section A, Item 5.

2. The Grace Period is defined as the 30 day period following the end of the twelfth month of membership. The member will continue to be on the HMAUS mailing list until this grace period expires.

D. Early Renewal Discount

1. Members who submit their renewal application and dues early will receive a discount as prescribed by the Membership Chairman from time to time.

2. The early renewal discount is given to members who send in their renewal form and membership dues before the end of the eleventh month of membership.

E. Membership Lapse and Reinstatement

 1. A membership will lapse when an application and dues have not been received by the end of the grace period. Upon such lapse, a notice and reinstatement offer will be sent to the former member.

2. Reinstatement dues will be as prescribed from time to time by the
Membership Chairman.

F. Association and Group Discounts

1. People belonging to an organization, association, business or other group may be eligible for a membership dues discount as prescribed from time to time by the Membership Chairman.

2. A group must consist of three or more people.

3. The mail and billing address will be the same for all members of the group.

4. Membership rights and privileges are vested in the individual member and not the group.

G. On-Plus-One Membership Referral

1. Effective from 1 January 2015 each member who sponsors a new member’s application for membership will be given one additional month of membership. The new member will also be given one additional month of membership. The membership chair will update the membership database to reflect the additional months.

2. To qualify for this membership incentive the membership application must include the sponsor’s name in the appropriate “sponsor” or “referred by” field. Former members who rejoin the organization may enroll under the One-Plus-One membership incentive program. A former member is one who has not been an active member in good standing for at least three months. The membership rate for applications submitted under this incentive program shall be at the standard rate, which at this time is $30 annually. This membership incentive may not be combined with any other membership promotion or incentive.

Article III. Communications

A. Editorial Content

1. The Communications Chairman shall have oversight over the editorial content of the organization’s web site, official publications, news releases, announcements and other communications as defined in Article X, Section 1 of the By-Laws.

2. The Communications Director will serve as editor of the content published in these communications and may appoint one or more editors to assist with the process.

3. The Communications Director will make available any appropriate editorial standards to facilitate effective communications for the organization.

Article IV. Management

A. Committees and Assignments

1. A committee may be a standing committee or one that has been formed by the organization for a specific mission. Projects and special-interest-groups (SIGs) are included in the definition of a committee.

2. Each director shall serve on at least one committee of the organization.

3. Committees may be composed of directors or members-in-good standing.


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