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Freshly Squeezed Reviews: You Seem to Have an Assistive Touch, Yeah

By Frank Petrie Recently Apple acquired Workflows, added some features, cleaned it up, and Voilà! – Siri Shortcuts. But I stumbled across a few articles that showed me an additional plethora of shortcuts that can be had in iOS using an additional method. That’s AssistiveTouch, which perfectly dovetails with Siri Shortcuts. As you command Siri Shortcuts via your voice, you order AssistiveTouch to do your bidding with your fingers. It’s just that simple and I’ve found that it can perform several actions that I have…

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Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Swift Be My Playground

By Frank Petrie Opening Apple’s recent event for the new MacbookPro, they started the program off with a video showing how Apple can help the disabled to be as productive as anyone else. To drive the point home, the video was created by the person with a neuro-muscular disease in the opening and closing shots! As with the genesis of most apps, developers get their ideas from a futile search for an app to fulfill a specific need that they have. Being wheelchair-bound myself, I…

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Deep learning, baby

As soon as I said it I knew it didn’t quite ring true. At yesterday’s HTLC, after feeling frustration over Apple’s Photos application I blurted out that “Nothing great has come from Apple since Steve Jobs’ death!” Well, I humbly take back my words and gladly share an article with you that put me back in the Apple orchard. Stephen Levy’s well written article “The iBrain is Here” gives us a look at how Apple is going about infusing machine learning into all its products.…

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