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A Day of Learning and Sharing at Springfest 2015

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Springfest 2015

By Eugene Villaluz

Jerome Koehler opened Springfest with a short video from Chris Breen announcing to the world his new job. Coming from the other side of the virtual divide, Chris said farewell to the “rest of us” and explained that as an Apple, Inc. employee, the cone of silence has now cloaked him for the time being. By the sound of it we suspect he was trying to say “I’ll be baaack.”

Gregg Kamei, iOS Tips
Jerome went on to introduce the new Apple Watch, which he actually sported on his wrist, but wisely did not pass around. Gregg Kamei followed with iOS tips and Kelly Guimont connected from Oregon between sessions at Cocoa Conference Portland ( to share her best security advice.

Kelly Guimont at Springfest 2015 va Facetime

An Open Talk panel discussion featuring three of Honolulu’s finest expert communicators, who shared their perspectives on how they use social media to deliver their messages. Russ Sumida, Bruce Fisher and Catherine Toth Fox talked about how technology changed their lives as well as how they balance their personal and online activities.

Catherine Toth Fox, Bruce Fisher and Russ Sumida at Springfest 2015.

In the afternoon, Ron Albu shared information about legal resources that are easily available over the Internet. And Donna Miller reprised her popular talk about her explorations into her family genealogy.

Ron Albu at Springfest 2015.

Gavon Wong shared how learning to play an ukulele using online web resources easily bring music into our lives. His ukulele session was recorded by Jody Yamamoto and shared on YouTube. Video Link:

Gavon Wong at Springfest 2015.

Gavon later also demonstrated image editing with Pixlr, a web application.

Terry Takaki was on hand throughout the day to answer photography questions and to share information about gear and techniques.

Election Committee member, Bill Porter, announced that all nominees for director seats were elected. Jerome Koehler, Joan Matsukawa, Ross Rasmussen and Terrence Young are returning for three year terms .

“Thanks for the vote of confidence. We hope to continue to offer the same great events next year,” said President Ross Rasmussen.

Ross Rasmussen at Springfest 2015.

Taco Del Mar delivered all the fixings for a make-your-own-taco lunch.

In between sessions Terrence Young even managed to help Claude Ayakawa and Debbie Kimball with technical support. Debbie said “… many mahalos to all. It was indeed well done and much appreciated! And Terrence is a guru and my hero!”

Claude Ayakawa and Terrence Young at Springfest 2015.

Springfest 2015 was the first large event for HMAUS at the Nuuanu Baptist Church. The HI Touch Learning Clinics and MacLearn workshops have been meeting there starting this year.

“I was very impressed with all the work that everyone did. It was a great meeting. Everyone really worked together; the sign of a good team,” said Pastor Bob Gierhart.

To which Bill Porter added “And a big thanks to Pastor Bob. Not only did he allow us the use of the church, he helped set up and clean up his marvelous church.”

Bill Porter at Springfest 2015.

More photos of Springfest 2015 at:

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