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Book Review: Mac Kung Fu

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Kung Fu Mac

by Dave Greenbaum

While the Mac is generally perfect as is with its intuitive interface and easy to understand menus and help screens, a group of Mac users simply want more out of their systems. They know the Mac can do more, but can’t quite figure out what they need. Similarly, the Mac has annoyances and quirks a user has learned to live with, but might like the Mac even more if they could only change some aspect of how it works. This book is for that group!

The ideal audience of this book is an intermediate Mac user who isn’t afraid of making changes to program settings or going into terminal and typing a command or two. Knowledge of UNIX or programming isn’t required, just an adventuresome attitude and a willingness to learn.

Most of the tips were commands and functions I never knew existed and wasn’t looking for them but now that I’ve found them I couldn’t imagine life without them. For example, a simple terminal command will turn off that annoying question about using TIme Machine on a new hard drive when it’s plugged in. Another amazing tip is being able to show the full path names of file locations in the title bar. Saves me the confusion of knowing which disk is the original and which is the copy.

Probably all of these commands, tips, and tricks can be found online somewhere but Kung Fu puts it all together from a reliable source so you can take your Mac skills to the next level.

Pros: Amazing tips and tricks

Cons: No blackbelt issued at the end

Five out Five DogCows

Clarus the Dogcow Clarus the Dogcow Clarus the Dogcow Clarus the Dogcow Clarus the Dogcow

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