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Book Review: Talking to Siri Learning the Language of Apple’s Intelligent Assistant (2nd Edition)

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Talking to Siri
Like many iPhone users, Siri was cool at the beginning but I quickly got bored with her and couldn’t really figure out how best to utilize this tool–until I read this book.

Siri is all about asking the right questions and phrasing your requests properly and this book shows you how.  This isn’t about silly games such as “Open the pod bay doors” but powerful syntax to utilize all the functions available to you.

Each chapter examines a different area in which Siri can help you ending up with a quick reference card of the commands.  Until I read this book I barely used Siri, now I can’t live without her!  Some of the tips included in the book is to be sure to use nicknames and create relationships so you can say advanced phrases like “Remind me when I get to the grocery store to buy milk” or “Tell me a gas station on my current route”–complex commands that would take much longer if you had to do them by hand.

If you’ve got Siri on your phone or iPad, get this book!

Five out of Five Dogcows

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