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Building the InterWebs and Genealogy Surprises at HTLC

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Alice Unawai and Arlen Nagata

By Eugene Villaluz

Highlights of the April HI Touch Learning Clinic

WordPress expert Arlen Nagata started the day by demonstrating how easy it is to setup and publish a website using the free WordPress content management system at WORDPRESS.COM.

Workshop attendees followed Arlen’s lessons by creating their own WORDPRESS.COM user accounts. With his guidance they were shown how to create pages and posts. They also learned how text and images can easily be added to their sites.

Arlen Nagata on how to build a web site in less than an hour

As with all HI Touch Learning Clinics attendees were able to pose questions and share answers throughout the morning and afternoon portions.

Gail Gierhart wanted to know how to remove unneeded files from her iCloud storage. And Melanie Okazaki wanted to learn how to stop all of her Apple devices from ringing whenever her iPhone received a call.

Donna Miller talks about ANCESTRY.COM and genealogy

Who Do We Think We Are?

Donna Miller shared highlights of her journey into her family genealogy using the ANCESTRY.COM web services and software. She demonstrated how helpful these services could be to organize and share information with families and friends.

Donna talked about how surprised she was to learn that her DNA sample revealed she had about 13 percent polynesian ancestry! Such a mysterious discovery—one that will certainly compel her to find how that came to be. Perhaps we’ll find out when Donna does her next presentation.

The afternoon portion of the day found HMAUS members diving deeper into web sites and WordPress. They also received a preview of some of the future HI Touch Learning Clinics on the planning board. One particularly interesting program will actually be a field excursion to the KHON2 Television Station courtesy of HMAUS member Moose Miraflor. Watch for the announcement.

Other photos from the HI Touch Learning Clinic:

Jinja Woollard and Terrence Young

Jodi Yamamoto and Donna Miller

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