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Daisy, Daisy, Clean Up My Disk, Please Do…

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Product: DaisyDisk 2.1.1
Author: DaisyDisk Team
Price: $9.95USD; on website and at the App Store
Requirements: MacOS X 10.6 or later
Test Rig: 2009 MBP 13″, OS X 10.7.4, 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD

As technology progresses, so does the way that we interact with our software. The user interfaces of our apps are becoming more iconic. Interesting really, as humankind began communicating through drawings on cave walls (sometime before last Thursday). So, ironically, as the tech becomes more sophisticated, our interaction with it is becoming more simplified. We’ve come full circle, in a way.

“No matter how large your disks are, the amounts of data you store on them grow too fast. You can ease your life for a while by using one of the automatic “cleaners” to save a few hundred megabytes or even a few gigabytes but very soon you’ll face the same problem. We propose a better solution: discover real space wasters and remove them. Fast and easy. DaisyDisk scans your disks and display them in the form of a interactive visual map, so you can find out where the space has gone, preview and delete large files and folders you no longer need. You can find out a long forgotten virtual machine image, huge cache file or a DVD movie rip you wanted to see during last year’s vacation. It’s way more efficient than spending hours manually sorting downloads or guessing why your Mac drive has no free space when you need it most. There are much better uses for your disks than carrying useless data.”
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