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Collaborate, Create, Communicate—Exploring and Mastering Media Tools

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Collaborate, Create, Communicate—Exploring and Mastering Media Tools

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Overcome Fear of Facebook and other Social Media
Postponed to a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Are We on the Same Page? “Confronting challenges converting between Word and Pages”

Moderated by Terrence Young

Terrence will share his personal experiences helping people convert documents between Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. Where are the potholes on the roadway? What works? What tools and techniques are useful? Are there alternatives?

Making the Transition to Digital SLR Cameras

Moderated by Eugene Villaluz

Eugene will share his journey from film to digital. His transition was confusing and challenging. The same dilemmas face people today who move from “point-and-shoots” to the complexities of digital SLR cameras. Is there a simple path to follow to make the transition rewarding?

Peek and Poke the Latest FileMaker Pro, Version 13

Moderated by Eugene Villaluz

What’s new or different in the latest version of FileMaker Pro 13. Will it be your lucky number?

New Features

Design – custom themes, styles, starter solutions, design attributes, field picker, object visibility
iOS – gestures, slide control, popovers, keyboard types, bar code scanning, layout and reporting design changes
Development – layout enhancements, new container fields, more script steps and triggers, more functions and calculations
Security – data encryption over the network


We’ll also have an HI Touch Tech Open Help Clinic in the afternoon session.

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