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Hardware Review: My Charge Peak 6000 battery

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My Charge Peak 6000

By Dave Greenbaum

When traveling I can’t seem to get enough power but I absolutely despise filling up my carry on with a bunch of extra chargers and cables. While there are lots of chargers on the market, this one is as close to all in one as you get with retractable cables and AC adapter as well as a USB port and even an audible indicator telling you what is charging and how much charge is left. Due to its somewhat large size it took up two wall plugins.

Starting off, this has a powerful 6000mAH battery which according to specs provide up to 27 hours of talk time for your (the iPhone has a 1,400 mAH battery). The device has a built in 30 pin charger (see other products for Lightning adapter) and I can easily put my iPhone on top of the device and charge it without excess cable getting in the way. In addition to the 30-Pin there is a retractable micro-usb cable as well as a standard USB port and the beauty of this is all three can be used simultaneously so I can charge my phone and Bluetooth headphones at once.

When you plug in a device, an audible alert tells you the device is charging and you can press a button to see how much charge is left in the battery as well as receive an audible indicator. At a quiet location (think library) this could be annoying but otherwise I found this a great feature because I knew it was working and could quickly tell how much battery is left.

For travel this is the ultimate balance of power and convenience for users of Apple devices pre-iPhone 5 and iPads with Lightning chargers. If your primary goal is to charge Lightning devices you’d probably be better off with another product but for the rest of us in the 30 pin era this device rocks.

Five out of Five Dogcows

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Pros: Powerful battery, retractable cables and connectors
Cons: Audible alert could be annoying, no Lightning connector

Originally published and written for the Lawrence
Apple Users’ Group 2.0 and published by
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