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HI Touch Learning Clinic – Unlock Your iPhone’s Hidden Potential

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This month’s HI Touch Learning Clinic will feature a workshop by Arlen NagataUnlock Your iPhone’s Hidden Potential

Arlen is a WordPress designer and offers affordable tech support and training in “Plain English.”

The iPhone is a revolutionary device. Yet many of us don’t know how to access its true potential. Arlen’s workshop will start with the basics and move through more advanced skills as the day progresses.

Bring your iPhone so you can learn new skills on the spot.

Key Points

  • Smart phones have smart calling features
  • Take incredible photos with the camera
  • Let Siri serve you
  • The best third-party apps money can buy
  • Share your secret tips and tricks too

The morning session will cover basic skills: introduction to the iPhone, important features and tips.

The afternoon session will continue with more iPhone discoveries with advanced topics: Siri, backup, sync, installing new apps, social networks, email setup, camera tips, maps, email and useful apps to get.

In between the morning and afternoon sessions we will conduct Open Clinic Tech Support. If you have tech support questions come on by and we’ll help you with your issues.

Open Clinic Tech Support

Do you have a “how-to” question? A good face-to-face session and hands-on support works wonders for many in need of TLC. Your HMAUS friends will be on hand to help you figure things out. You may bring your own laptop, handheld or luggable system if a “look-see” is needed. We do ask that you be considerate and resist bringing a lifetime of “issues” because we’ll be on an “as time permits” basis.

What you can expect at the HI Touch Learning Clinic

  • Learn how to explore the Internet to find solutions
  • Learn how others use applications and the operating system
  • Learn how to perform basic maintenance
  • Learn “best practices”
  • Learn how to manage upgrades and downgrades
  • Learn about new (or old) applications and hardware

HI-TLC is a free form open clinic; appointments are not necessary. Help will be dependent upon volunteers on hand but we’ll try to attend to all who come. You can help by preparing a list of the items that are of particular concern to you. You may complete and bring this form for your visit.

If you don’t have any questions of your own but just want to help others please come and lend a hand. We can all be FFF (face-to-face-friends).

For additional information contact Eugene Villaluz by sending an email to Member Support located on the Contact Us page.

Location: Capital One 360 Cafe (2nd Floor Alii Conference Room)
1958 Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki
( see map )

Ample FREE parking and easy access