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HMAUS ‘Ohana Springfest 2016

Springfest 2terrence_edited-1016 was an  ‘ohana gathering where members learned about HMAUS and the Signal website, and other good help sites, Pages, iPhone tips, taking still and video screen captures, and searching for help and tutorials.

rossParticipants suggested lots of great ideas for the coming year by posting idea “birds” on the branches of the Wishing Tree.  Mahalo to Cynthia Oshiro for creating  the Tree!  Weʻre listening really carefully to what those little birds have to say.


The new feature — Bizarre Bazaar — was fun.  Everett Young created an American Flag with lines of code that he generated on his Apple I computer (a working replica hand-built by Bryan Villados). Gene Parola challenged us in a Jeopardy-type game using mainstream expressions that originally were nautical terms.   Did you know “hunky dory” is actually a street in Yokohama, Japan?  Joan Matsukawa also amazed everyone by inflating a balloon using  magic (and a bottle of baking soda and vinegar).

everett_edited-1Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.57.06 AM

Lots of questions were answered all day, lots of ideas proposed and lots of good energy and food shared.    Take a look at the Magnificent 7 lists of favorite apps and sites  our SOS/Contact group made.  It includes Japanese translation, Tech, Travel and Craft favorites from Yoko, Jerome, Terrence and Cynthia.  We need more of this kind of member sharing — things you know and like and are willing to share with the rest of us.  Use this link to learn more —



Mahalo to our presenters and group leaders – Terrence Young, Ross Rasmussen, Arlen Nagata and Jerome Koehler who was also our photographer, and Everett and Gene for their fun demos.  Richard promised to show us a good one next time!

Events like this are filled with details that help the day run well and those details are taken care of by a lot of willing folks.  A huge thank you to Bob and Gail Gierhart and Nuʻuanu Baptist Church for providing us such a wonderful space to meet and Pauline Arakaki who ran up and down to open the door and help us with the food.  Mahalo Bill, our logistics chief, and everyone who helped set up the rooms and tech, clean up, and bringing and serving the delicious food and to Jody our hostess!

And a huge  mahalo to everyone who came and had fun and shared ideas with us . Here are those ideas,  plucked off the Wishing Tree:

Apple  Topics 

Password Management.
Keychain access.
Music on devices.
iTunes = too hard to figure out.  Tips and techniques.
How to watch movies on iPhone and iMac
How to use Hey Siri.
Re: Files.  Instead of folder system do search – tips to  make this easier.
How to create and organize files.
Searching with Spotlight.
Apple Pay
iCloud account.
Do I need a hard drive if I have the cloud?
Hard drive management.
Back up!
Storage.  Hard drive.  MacBook.  Flash drive.  Unload
Organizing Photos
How to create and use templates.
Workshops – making slide shows with music, videos (Keynote)
Do a project with Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

Apple-Related Topics 

How to save YouTube videos
Prevention of hacking of computers.
Browsing safely.
Online banking.
Online shopping safety.
Taking good video with iPhone and DSLR
Learn word processing.

Other tech topics 
How to signup and use Facebook
Discuss safety of Facebook Twitter, etc.
Creating a YouTube channel
Learn to use Mint program for household finances.
Learn how to use Plan to Eat.
Emails under 1000.- Getting email under control and using filter.

Really wishing big! 
How about a Macintosh? Apple island cruise?
Letʻs try for…Peace!
Letʻs get back to giving iPads for grand prizes.

More ideas?  Let us know!  

Coming Up

June 18 MacLearn – Mail, HardDrive/iCloud Basics with Ross and a Facebook project with Jody.    Everyone welcome!  More details and signup here:

July 20 Maclearn  – Gregg presents iTunes, Movies and Music and weʻll do another project.

Stay tuned for more.