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Light, More or Less and Managing “Stuff” at HTLC

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HI Touch Learning Clinic 7 March 2015

By Eugene Villaluz

HMAUS members devoted the full day to fundamentals… photography in the morning and backup and storage in the afternoon at the March clinic.

Washington Apple Pi member Neil “Fergie” Ferguson visited our group and shared how he records their user group meetings and makes the videos available online. Fergie will be returning to Washington, DC, but not before he attends the MacLearn meeting later this month.

Neil A. "Fergie" Ferguson
Neil A. “Fergie” Ferguson


Member Gayle Okutani wanted to learn about exposure in photography so we devoted most of the morning to discussing the three pillars of exposure. Everyone received a handout titled Light, More or Less which explained how aperture, shutter speed and ISO affect each other to capture light for the camera.

Gail Gierhart
Gail Gierhart

All the members participated in sharing solutions and information with each other. Among the highlights: Gail Gierhart learned how to adjust and lock in exposure and focus with the iPhone camera; Joe Miller learned from Rick Holt how to downgrade Pages documents in order to use them in older versions of the application. Terrence Young shared how useful Image Capture, an often overlooked Apple application, could be for collecting and managing images.

As an appropriate followup to imaging and photography, the afternoon conversation moved toward “how to manage all these image documents and other files.” Terrence Young moderated the discussion to include topics about external hard drives, backup tools, archiving and the ever-hazy subject of cloud storage.

Watch for announcements about future HI Touch Learning Clinics, especially the one about genealogy. We’re encouraging Donna Miller to share experiences about her genealogy research and hope she’ll say ‘yes’ in the near future.

More photos of the day:

Gail Gierhart and Terrence Young
Rick Holt, Donna Miller and Sanae Moikeha
Rick Holt, Donna Miller and Sanae Moikeha
Joan Matsukawa, Gail Gierhart, Marcy Katz and Terrence Young
Joan Matsukawa, Gail Gierhart, Marcy Katz and Terrence Young















The handout titled Light, More or Less is available for download from the Photography/Image Makers Workshop forum at:

[ user account login required for access ]




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