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Local Talk 2015.11.18 – Celebrating Earth’s Greatest Treasure

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Have you ever thought about the people you meet in life? Those you meet from time to time at any of our HMAUS meetings, for example?

This was the question posed by Terrence Young at a recent idea session. He expressed how being a member of HMAUS rewarded him with the opportunity to get to know and learn about so many interesting people—his fellow HMAUS members. Thus was born KnowMemberfest, which will be held this Saturday, from 9:00 to 1:00 at Dave & Busters at the Ward Warehouse.

If you’re expecting to learn about technology of the Apple kind, yes… there’ll be some of that. But the KnowMemberfest is not about the technology. Take a look at the lineup we’ve posted at ( and make it a point to spend the morning with your fellow members.

I’m confident you’ll find some pretty interesting people doing some pretty interesting things.

“…Earth’s greatest treasure lies in human personality…”


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