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Local Talk: Droptech’s Got Us Covered

Door prize winners photo
James Low, Gail Gierhart and Alice Unawai
with their new Droptech durable covers.

Three lucky HMAUS members drew lucky numbers and received Droptech covers for their iOS devices.

Gumdrop Cases donated three of their durable covers to us to show and give away at Doctor Kokua’s Sunday HI Touch Learning Clinic. Terrence Young started the morning by showing videos from Gumdrop Cases which demonstrated laptops and iPads being dropped to the floor from ever increasing heights. All the devices covered in the Droptech durable cases survived drops from as high as the ceiling.

Convincing evidence like that sold our members on the ruggedness of the products from Gumdrop Cases. The company markets their designs from California. They also produce cases for many other devices. Their web site will give more information about all their product lines — .

In the second session, Terrence demonstrated Nisus Writer Pro, a word processing application with many features that can’t be found in Apple Pages. Pastor Bob Gierhart shared his experiences using the software for many years. He related how he was disappointed when he had to leave it when updates to the Mac OS went beyond 10. He said he might at least try it again.

HMAUS members may be entitled to a discount if they wish to purchase Nisus Writer Pro. An inquiry was sent to the developer and we are waiting for a reply.

More information about Nisus Writer Pro and other of the company’s products may be found at their web site — .

In the afternoon Terrence demonstrated Disk Drill Pro, a utility that will help recover lost or deleted files. This program from 508 Software also includes tools to backup, create bootable drives, monitor drives, locate duplicate Finders, and hard drive maintenance.

It soon became apparent that we should devote more time to exploring Disk Drill Pro. So we will create another workshop in May or June that will cover aspects of file and drive management, maintenance, recovery, archiving, backup tools and backup strategy. Watch for the announcement.

More information about Disk Drill Pro will be found at their web site — .

We concluded our day with a round table discussion about email best practices, the first in a series called The Elements of Style. All participants shared their experiences and tips with handling challenging email.

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