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Maclearn- Sept 19 Afternoon- Productivity with Microsoft and Google

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Greetings Fellow HMAUSers!

This is an interesting topic. We’re going to be talking about Microsoft and Google at an HMAUS event.  It’s almost heresy. LOL

For the first half of Sept 19th Afternoon session, I want to introduce you to Microsoft Word on iPad.  I feel that for normal users, this is the best version of Microsoft Office you will ever use.  (Especially if you have a bluetooth keyboard)

  • It’s Free!
  • You can edit documents on the go (with a Free Microsoft Account)
  • You have access to all the common features of Word
  • Great templates and ways to create letters, reports, and more

To prepare for this portion of the afternoon, it would be best if you do a couple of things:

  1. Download the Microsoft Word app on iPad (iPhone available too)
  2. Signup for a Microsoft Account.
  3. Download/Print this handout-

Time Permitting, in the second half of the afternoon, I want to show you Google Docs using a Mac Computer.  Google Docs is very similar to Microsoft Word with the main exception that it’s all running online in a web browser.

The main feature I want you to experience is collaboration in Google Docs.  You’ll learn how to work with teammates on a document.  You’ll see how to work together and not compete with each other. You may start using Google Docs as your full time word processor after this.

To prepare for this portion of the afternoon, it would be best if you do a couple of things:

  1. Download the Google Chrome web browser on your macbook.
  2. Signup for a Google account (Gmail is a google account).
  3. Email me your Gmail email address.
  4. Check out this handout-

Some Final Announcements-

logoI’ve started blogging again.  If you care about my ramblings, check out my redesigned site at iSensei.TV

I have two new online classes that should be available by the time we meet.

If you would like a FREE coupon for these classes, I would love to email you one.  I just ask that you actually take some time to check out the classes and please leave me a Review. Reviews really help me promote and sell these courses.

Mahalo, and hope to see you next Saturday!
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