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Passion Finds a Way – Local Talk 2016.02.06

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HMAUS members met on Saturday, February 6 for the first HI Touch Meetup of the new year. Special guests included Aaron Loo, accomplished musician, singer and composer; and Ricky Li, photographer and social media manager at AdStreamz, Inc. HMAUS’ Doctor Kokua also held a tech support session.

Aaron Loo gave the audience a very special preview of Angels with Tails, a musical he is creating that will have special meaning for dog owners, especially service dogs. Aaron performed one of the numbers he wrote as a duet, with him singing the part of the dog, a pit bull. His voice filled the room as he sang, all to the delight of the audience.

Aaron also shared bits of his techno journey of being a one man band. He admits that creating simply with technology is complicated. His technology of choice? Apple, of course.

HI Touch Meetup 6 Feb 2016
Aaron Loo with HMAUS members. (Left to Right) Donna Miller, Terrence Young, Joan Matsukawa, Ross Rasmussen, Jinja Woollard, Aaron Loo, Dennis Keating and Neil Ferguson.

Donna Miller, brought her son, Bret, in to see Doctor Kokua. He needed help with moving files from a water-logged laptop into a new-good laptop. Doctor Kokua (AKA Terrence Young) performed the procedure skillfully while carefully explaining to everyone each of the steps as they were done. Within a half hour the old hard drive yielded its files for transfer to the new laptop, much to the relieve of a much stressed and nervous Bret.

Ricky Li joined us at about this time. He came to share some of his thoughts about photographic style and techniques. His recollections about his two year stint as Governor Neil Abercrombie’s personal staff photographer gave us some insight into the Governor’s time as the chief executive of our state.

HI Touch Meetup 6 Feb 2016
Ricky Li shares one of his images.

Both Aaron Loo and Ricky Li revealed to us that their focus and dedication to pursue their dreams passionately has been rewarded in many ways.

We’re especially thankful to Aaron for coming to be our guest at the HI Touch Meetup. He was scheduled to be at the airport at 1:00 p.m. to fly off to New York. He had just enough time to make his flight!

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The next HI Touch Meetup will be held on Saturday, the 5th of March at the Nuuanu Baptist Church.


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