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Report from Macworld | iWorld 2012 – Day Two

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by Capsun Poe:

Apple’s latest quarterly report indicates they sold 37 million iPhones, 15 million iPads, and 15 million iPods, compared to only 5 million Macs. Should it be a surprise that current and future success for Apple is and will be in mobile technology? Perhaps that is why this trade show is no longer called simply Macworld — it’s Macworld | iWorld.

Friday, a lot of my focus was on photography and I was wowed by presentations, products, and apps. Here are a few things that caught my attention:

  • In a presentation by Michael Clawson, he quoted from an interview he did with the famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, about how powerful the iPhone is: “The iPhone is the snapshot camera of today.” Now that’s an endorsement. And yes, he clarified, she was dead serious about it.
  • Crave a better lens for your iPhone? Olloclip is an add-on that allows you to take better photos with iPhone, including a fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro lens built-in. iPro Lens is a similar concept, but is meant for more serious photographers…or at least those with more serious money to invest in their photos. Think of them like Aerosmith (Olloclip) vs the Rolling Stones (iPro Lens) – they’re both good, but cater to slightly different audiences.



  • I’ve been a long-time user of Camera+, an app that enhances the already awesome things Apple’s built-in Camera app can do. If you want to get serious about photos on an iPhone, this is a must-have.
  • Every once in a while, you wish you could capture everything with a panoramic shot. I’ve used Pano, but it requires too much effort. Far easier is Autostitch — You just shoot, and the app automatically stitches your photos together. This picture, made up of 8 different shots, took me about 15 seconds to do:


  • Two fun photography apps: ColorSplash lets you convert photos to black and white, then restore color to only select parts of the photo. PicFrame lets you make an orderly collage of up to four photos, in multiple arrangements. Check out what I did with a photo of a shirt, using both apps, to honor our late HMAUS friend Ryan Suenaga.


  • Joan Matsukawa, Jerome Koehler and I got to see Les Posen’s presentation on unleashing Keynote. It’s often described as Apple’s take on PowerPoint, but that is truly understating the power of the application. I joked to a woman who said she had not yet used either Keynote or Powerpoint,”Good! That way you won’t have to unlearn any bad PowerPoint habits!” And Keynote for iPad — It’s so easy to use, I’ve created and presented, straight from my iPad…and you can do the same on iPhone!

Note: We hope to have some good news to deliver in the very near future about Keynote training opportunities we’re exploring together with Les Posen. Stay tuned!

More to come…


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