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Soundhawk Smart Listening System – Review

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Skyhawk devices
Skyhawk bluetooth hearing device

By Curt Blanchard, Tucson Macintosh Users Group

I’ve discovered a new product that I believe will be of interest to the MUG community. I am the secretary at TMUG (Tucson Macintosh Users Group) and I am a writer/reviewer for Soundhawk is a listening system aimed squarely at people over 50+ who are Apple enthusiasts. That describes us pretty well, doesn’t it?

Soundhawk is a three-piece Bluetooth system that helps you hear more clearly in a variety of situations — noisy restaurants, at user group meetings, and other places where it may be difficult to hear. The volume, brightness, and clarity are set via a free iOS app. Included with the unit that goes in your ear, is a separate wireless mic that can be placed in the center of a table at a restaurant or up on the speaker’s table at the MUG meeting. This device is not designed to be worn continuously, it’s made for situations where you need a little extra help in hearing with clarity.

Hearing aids are very expensive. Soundhawk is $299. I reviewed Soundhawk recently for MyMac. Here is the link:

Disclaimer. I have no connection with this company. This is a product I discovered on my own and like it enough that we’re doing a Soundhawk presentation at our January meeting with a representative from the company.

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