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Start the New Year with MacLearn

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January 25, from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM – It’s a MacLearn double-header!

1)  Apps, Apps, Apps!
Learn about great mobile apps you can use every day. Be more efficient and organized! Gregg Kamei will show you what he uses and how they work.

Siri: Have an iOS robot due your bidding!
Evernote: Store web pages, personal notes, clippings in the Cloud.
Everwebclipper: Use with Safari to send web pages to Evernote.
Loom: Like Photostream, except no 1000 photo limit.
ifttt: Another robot to do your bidding!
Clear+: Create and manage lists for the swipe and visually oriented folks.
Fantastical 2: Calendar on steroids. This is one of the top apps in a number of top apps lists.
App Show and Tell: share your favorite apps with the group.

2)  Manage and Create with Your Photos!
Although sending a bunch of large photos by email works, sometimes putting them into a polished slideshow is much better. Learn how to upload your photos to iPhoto, then use them in a stunning slideshow using Keynote 6 (the New One!) .
The new, more intuitive and user friendly Keynote lets you add cool transitions, titles and music, then share them as a movie, PDF, to YouTube or even as… a PowerPoint show.
For those who know the old Keynote, this will be like having a friend who got a facelift; looks familiar but things aren’t in the same place as they were before! Get the new version for free while keeping the old version. Ross Rasmussen will show you whatʻs new, whatʻs gone missing and how it works on your Mac, your mobile device and in iCloud.

Register at:

Location: Capital One 360 Cafe (2nd Floor Alii Conference Room)
1958 Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki