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Telling it Slant and Ritspick Revealed

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The door to HMAUS’ new meeting place at the Nuuanu Baptist Church couldn’t be opened when we arrived. Their electronic keys wouldn’t function. Thankfully, Pastor Bob and Gail opened up another meeting room for us and the HI Touch Learning Clinic was able to meet this past Saturday.

We were also treated to HMAUS’ very new presentation system, a 55 inch LG flat panel television. The setup was easy and the awesome image quality made the whole day’s clinic wonderful. Much better than a projection system.

Lynn Young presented her newly published book, Where’s My Ritskpick? to our HMAUS members. The hand bound book is a collection of photographs and poems revealing moments of Lynn’s memories and personal discoveries in care giving.

Her presentation led the audience through the journey that brought her to this milestone—introducing perspectives from Emily Dickinson and John Cage as being influential in her life of art and life.

This is Lynn’s second  presentation for HMAUS members. She presented The Intelligent Eye for HMAUS photographers and visual artists June last year. Where’s My Ritskpick? is published by Tinfish Press.

Visit the HI Touch Learning Clinics web page for information on future events.

Valentine’s Day Portrait. Terrence and Lynn Young with mom, Laura. Terrence Young helping Jinja Woollard find her Quicken data.